1. Leather Nato Strap

    I’ve been using a leather nato strap for the past few months, and it has been a greater asset to my overall style than the canvas straps I use for summer.

    While the canvas straps add colour to my outfits, they eventually become dirty from all the wear and tear, and I need to wash them. Not a major sticking point, but one none the less.

    My leather strap (acquired on eBay for $15) heavily benefits from prolonged use. The everyday use is creating a fine patina, with the dark rubbings of age around the outside of the strap. It’s a beautiful thing to witness evolve over the life of the strap.

    I would, however, up the quality of my strap next time I purchased one. Enter Panerai by DaLuca, which has all the leather straps you’ll need for a lifetime. A bit pricy, but they last.

    When buying leather goods, you go big or go home. Just as you will become disenfranchised by the quality of lesser shoes, as the real leather ones will stand the test of time, the same is true for wallets and watch straps. It will hurt when you buy it, but it will only hurt once. 

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