1. Hammerhead Industries Day Pack ($290)

    This made-to-order backpack is ideal for a commuting lifestyle, or where it is you Vs. the elements. The durable waxed cotton protects your goods from changing weather patterns, and the leather stitching on the bag’s bottom protects your goods from you. Don’t worry about blowout and worn edges, this bag is built to last through to your next child.

    The pack will age and wear nicely as you put it through the motions of everyday. You won’t have to worry about scratches; this is not a Herschel. This is a bag for life and what it throws at you.

    Constructed from waterproof waxed cotton, black ┬áleather and parachute hardware, ┬áthe backpack features a roll top closure and the interior sleeves for a 15” laptop, iPad, and Kindle. The Hammarhead Day Pack is perfect for the daily commute or weekend ride.

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